Case Studies

#1 Case Study
A young town planner was looking for advice on how to restucture his business interests to better match his equity in the business with his contribution to the overall profitability of the business.
By working together Terry and the Client were able to successfully negotiate for him a greater equity share of the business and a profit sharing arrangement linked to the revenue he generated.

#2 Case Study
A website developer with his own website business was working long hours to keep the business going and wanted a mentor to help him find ways of making the business more profitable.
With Terry’s experience of owning a website company he was able to very quickly show him how he could reduce the time he was taking to build a website by making use of the tools available on the internet. Within hours of our first meeting he had already actioned a number of the action items that Terry had identified for him.

#3 Case Study
The Managing Director of a family owned manufacturing and leasing company was wanting to develop a business plan to expand the business and to use the plan as a basis for negotiating an increase in his shareholding in the business.
Over a period of 18 months Terry helped him with writing the business plan for growing the business and increasing his shareholding .

#4 Case Study
A clever young entrepreneur had developed a novel way of fund raising for schools and needed my help in making the business financially viable.
Terry was able to help him prioritise the best way of obtaining advertising revenue for the business to take it to the next level and the business has now been expanded to be TV based nationwide.