Choosing A Plan

In order to provide you with a mentoring programme that best suits your needs there are a number of plans for you to choose from. All plans include the free one hour introductory meeting and our standard terms and conditions apply to all of the services provided.

  1. Pay As You Go

    This plan is designed for people that may have a limited budget or wish to keep their options open before deciding if mentoring is for them. The cost of this plan is $180+GST per hour.

  2. Pay By Task

    Often people need our help with a specific task such as renegotiating a lease or drawing up a particular type of agreement. We are happy to provide a quote for this type of work prior to the work commencing.

  3. The Master Plan

    This plan is designed for people who are looking for substantial mentoring input into developing a long term strategy such as writing a business plan or preparing an Investment Statement to raise capital for the business. With this plan the mentor and the client will meet frequently often over a number of months to formulate the document.  The cost of this mentoring will be decided on a case by case basis prior to the work commencing.

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