Strategic Planning

In addition to his Christchurch mentoring service our team of mentors are also available to assist businesses throughout New Zealand with their strategic planning.

This may be as a one to one meeting with the business owner or as the facilitator of a day of strategic planning for all the staff.

The power of strategic planning in lifting the performance of a company is well proven and can provide major benefits in building a team culture with a shared vision as well as improving the profitability of a company.

The planning process normally begins with developing a shared vision for the company and identifying the key goals that need to be achieved to reach that vision. This is then followed by a SWOT analysis and a brain storming session to give people the opportunity to put forward new ideas in a non-threatening environment. Once the goals have been identified the strategy of how to achieve these goals is then developed with who by when milestones and timelines.

The initial planning session is then followed up by regular reviews to ensure that the plan is being implemented or to consider if it needs to be modified in light of changed market conditions.

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